About Precognitive

Precognitive is transforming the way that businesses identify and prevent fraud, preserving revenues and protecting customer accounts. Our fraud prevention platform is a multidimensional solution that combines device intelligence, advanced behavioral analytics, and a real-time decision engine to stop all types of payment fraud, including account takeover and account opening fraud. Precognitive also helps reduce fraud-related chargebacks while increasing the number of non-fraudulent transactions that are approved.

Our easy-to-deploy, innovative technology intelligently interprets behavioral cues from the very first customer-brand interaction, accurately identifying suspicious behavior and evaluating fraud risk through the entire customer journey.

Ecommerce sales are projected to reach $632 billion this year, and with increased sales, fraud continues to grow more expensive. Each dollar of online fraud is estimated to cost merchants $3.13, an increase of 6.5% over the previous year. However, a merchant can minimize revenue losses due to fraud with the correct tools for detection and prevention. Precognitive’s solution combines device intelligence, behavioral analytics, and a real-time decision engine for multi-factor fraud protection.

Precognitive is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ShopRunner, an Ecommerce network offering top retailers enterprise technology products including same-day delivery exchange and marketplace services to grow their business while elevating customers’ digital shopping experiences.

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