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Our innovative, hybrid decision engine provides accurate and informed decisions that reduce costs while preserving customer experience.

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How It Works:

Decision-AI is a hybrid real-time decision engine that leverages machine learning and a high performance rules engine to create a flexible and fast risk decision service. Decision-AI is natively integrated with Precognitive’s device intelligence and behavioral analytics solution to provide superior fraud fighting capabilities.

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Rules Engine:

Provides standardized, proven rules that work across industries to assess risk and generate signals used by our machine learning models.

Industry Models:

Applies industry-specific risk models and rules created by our experts to properly address the nuances of your online presence.

Machine Learning:

Consumes raw data, signals, and supplemental data to continuously fine-tune machine learning models and ensure your fraud prevention strategy is up to date.

Leverage constant innovation to gain better efficiencies in your fraud prevention.

Features & Benefits
  • Sub-200 millisecond response times to assess any event in real-time when it matters most–while it’s actually happening.
  • On the fly feature engineering and schema modifications
  • Quickly deploy our simple API to stop fraud immediately.
  • Google Cloud Function integration for unrivaled flexibility and customization
  • Leverage both industry standards and cutting edge technologies with our hybrid approach.

  • Let your customers enjoy a smooth online journey while you benefit from higher accuracy and lower false positives.
  • Employ a holistic fraud solution through Decision-AI’s integration with Adaptive-ID and Precog-BA.
  • Utilize our intuitive user portal that streamlines transaction reviews and case management.


Manual fraud analysis and investigation is not only expensive, it’s highly vulnerable to human error. According to Forrester*, companies that are able to automate fraud analysis and the initial steps of investigation save 30-40% of labor costs associated with analysis and investigation.

Precognitive’s Decision-AI provides an automated fraud prevention technology that leapfrogs beyond emerging fraud techniques. Decision-AI uses a hybrid decision engine incorporating machine learning and industry-specific rules. That way, it can deliver reliable risk scores at the time of transaction, stopping fraud in its tracks.

Your automated fraud prevention just got infinitely smarter, more precise, and more cost effective.

Prepare for fraud with our precise, preeminent solutions.

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