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Introducing future-forward device intelligence technology developed to adapt to today’s rapidly changing device landscape.

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How It Works:

Adaptive-ID performs a real-time assessment of devices and dynamically adapts itself to optimize tracking capabilities based on the device type, connection, and prior interactions. Adaptive-ID powers Precognitive’s global device grid, observing and aggregating device intelligence data over a device’s history. Rich device profiles provide actionable intelligence and establish trust in online environments.

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Adaptive-ID identifies and flags evasive users; examines malware signals, cloaked and high risk IPs; and compiles device history from across the internet. The technology’s discrete appearance thwarts even the most sophisticated fraudsters. Easy to use Device Risk and Trust score allow for real-time decisions at critical junctures.


New Devices:

  • Where is the device coming from?
  • How did it get here?
  • Is this the real IP address?
  • What’s the best way to track this model?
  • Is the device exhibiting evasive behavior?
  • Is the device signature linked to previous fraud?
  • Do we see malware signals?

Known Devices:

  • Are all the trackers still in place?
  • Has the hardware changed at all?
  • Does the data match what we expect?
  • Is it showing signs of malware?
  • Is the device linked to other devices?
  • Have others reported the device?
Features & Benefits
  • Understand in real-time:  Has this user been on my site before?  Is this a known user on another device?
  • Prevent damage by bad actors while enabling a smooth journey for consumers.    
  • Utilize an easy-to-deploy tag-based solution that starts working immediately. No ramp up time necessary!
  • Enjoy flexibility: Use Adaptive-ID with our entire platform, as a standalone, or with your existing solution.
  • Gain access to a global device network that allows visibility across the web.

  • Benefit from a technology solution that works with all device types, adjusting its techniques to track evasive users with more discrete, harder to identify methods.
  • Compile rich device profile and history data that provides a true understanding of the device and activity, delivering deeper insights than traditional solutions that use outdated techniques.
  • Customize the technology to your level of comfort as well as to industry sector privacy and compliance requirements.
  • Proactively confront vulnerabilities that are inherent in emerging technology, devices, and IoT with our non-invasive, ever-evolving solutions.

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