Comprehensive fraud prevention technology that protects your business while preserving customer experience.

Our easy-to-deploy solution offers enterprises full protection from initial contact, continuously examining sessions, devices, and visitors to identify and stop fraudulent activity while supporting a smooth customer journey for genuine users.  

Through constant innovation, Precognitive outmaneuvers fraudsters, pre-empting bad behavior while safeguarding businesses and consumers.

Holistic fraud prevention

Precognitive’s platform protects digital properties and users from critical threats:

Ecommerce Protection

  • Payment Fraud

  • Card Testing

  • Credential Stuffing

  • Bot Mitigation

Customer Protection

  • Account Takeover (ATO)

  • Card Not Present (CNP)

  • Account Opening Fraud

Company Protection

  • Policy Abuse

  • Promotion Abuse

  • Loyalty Fraud

Solution Service Models

Implemented as a stand-alone fraud prevention tool or layered into your existing environment, choose the Precognitive service model that best suits your specific business needs:

SaaS Hosted

Our SaaS Hosted service model empowers businesses to control their own fraud strategy utilizing the Precognitive platform.  With access to proprietary device intelligence, behavioral and biometric analytics, and a hybrid decision engine, prevent all types of fraud while protecting customer accounts and ensuring a friction-free user experience.

Control your own fraud screening, build your own rules, or leverage AI to create any type of custom machine learning models.

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Fully Managed

Our Fully Managed service model is ideal for businesses that want to outsource their fraud prevention to our team of fraud experts. Our experienced team leverages the Precognitive platform to manage your fraud prevention strategy and oversee your manual review process.

Focus on your core business and let our experts serve as your fraud and cybercrime department.

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Fully Managed

Chargeback Guarantee

In addition to all the elements of our Fully Managed service model, Precognitive provides a guarantee against fraud losses incurred through fraud chargebacks. This option takes the risk out of your chargeback process, applying a small percentage fee to transactions for 100% guaranteed chargeback protection.

Completely stop fraud-related losses and instantly increase revenue from genuine transactions.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud

If you’re a Salesforce® Commerce Cloud merchant, seamlessly integrate Precognitive’s certified cartridge for holistic fraud and cybercrime prevention. Available in the Fraud & Security section of the Commerce Cloud Partner Marketplace, the cartridge enables you to protect your digital properties from all types of Ecommerce related fraud. Utilize the cartridge with any service model: SaaS hosted, Fully Managed, or Chargeback Guarantee.

Easy integration via the Salesforce Commerce Cloud for holistic fraud prevention.

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Salesforce CommerceCloud

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